SBT GRVL Race Courses

SBT GRVL courses will be fun, but not without challenge. Courses will be well marked and there will be fully stocked aid stations with GU Energy, Coke, water, ice and all sorts of great things to get you through your day. 4 options exist for racers and participants:

Black Course

Course Facts: 144 miles approx 9,400 feet of climbing 100+ miles of gravel

BLACK is the experience you have been looking for. The ultimate Steamboat challenge with unmatched beauty and unmatched support. It is the best day you will ever have on a bike.

Blue Course

Course Facts: 103 miles approx 6,300 feet of climbing 70+ miles of gravel

BLUE is the best of Steamboat wrapped up in 100 miles.

Red Course

Course Facts: 64 miles approx 4,100 feet of climbing 50+ miles of gravel

RED is the go-to route for a solid day on the bike. Whether you are looking to throw down the hammer or spin around some gorgeous Steamboat gravel enjoying the scenery, this course will prove to be an amazing day for everyone!

Green Course

Course Facts: 37 miles approx 2,000 feet of climbing approx 20 miles of gravel

GREEN is the introduction to the best riding in Steamboat and accessible to all abilities, ages and experience levels. If you enjoy being outside and have access to any type of bike you can and should do this ride. It will change your life!