To our SBT GRVL family, 

It is with overwhelming sadness that we share the news of Mark Satkiewicz’s passing. Mark died of a cardiac incident while on a ride yesterday. Mark was an incredible husband, father and friend and we are shocked and extremely saddened by the sudden loss of this beloved member of the gravel community.

As a long time member of the outdoor and cycling community, Mark built a successful career with companies such as TOMS, Nike and Smartwool.  

We are immensely grateful for Mark’s vision for SBT GRVL – to create an inclusive community experience. His vision and leadership were instrumental in the event’s continued success. 

His passion and drive to grow the sport of cycling will be missed everyday. 

Our hearts are with his family during this very difficult time.

Amy Charity & Ken Benesh


SBT GRVL is August 15, 2021








What is SBT GRVL?

SBT GRVL is a world-class gravel race experience held on the greatest gravel roads on Earth in and around the magnificent Steamboat Springs, CO. The unique combination of the quiet roads surrounding a thriving resort town create a setting for an incredible gravel bike race. With the fundamental goal of inclusiveness, we want to focus not only on the race, but a fantastic weekend away with family and friends. The beauty of the mountains (not to mention the camaraderie with fellow cyclists) as well as the basic challenge of covering these gravel roads on two wheels is something that will not soon be forgotten.

What People are Saying…

Keys to Success

Dedicated Nutrition and Hydration Plan

Stick to Pacing

Find a Group and Make Friends

Keep Your Trash in Your Pockets

Thank Your Family and Friends

Be Courteous to Volunteers

Have Fun!!

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