Gravel Bikes

Why The Grail?

For more information on the Grail, head over to the Canyon website HERE

SBT GRVL is going to bring it all; high-altitude, long climbs, winding descents and rough roads. We promise, it will be a day in the saddle to remember. Considering you’ll get a smattering of everything over all our course options, the question then becomes: will you be ready to take on an epic day with the right tool for the job?

The idea behind a dedicated gravel bike is its Swiss army knife utility. Ample tire volume for traction like a cyclocross bike. Big wheels for speed like a road bike. Balanced geometry for predictable, safe riding over a variety of terrain from rocky singletrack descents to rolling washboard dirt road climbs like a mountain bike. Blend it all together…. gravel bike! (It’s also quite adept at bike packing and coffee runs.) That’s why we find the Canyon Grail CF to be the finest tool for SBT GRVL.

Why? Well, there’s the obvious one: carbon fiber. The wonder material, available on the Grail CF in superlight (SL) or superlight extreme (SLX) versions, does it all; it’s light, and can be engineered to deliver stiffness where wanted, and at the same time a compliant ride that absorbs trail buzz. Canyon designed the Grail to handle with power out of saddle, yet shrug off all the fatigue-inducing bumps a dirt road ride delivers.

But the Grail Bar is the thing that makes the Grail the bike that broke the Internet… and it’s the one progressive engineering advance that really makes the Grail CF ideal for SBT GRVL. The Grail Bar’s innovative design isolates the stem from the bar top, which allowed Canyon’s German engineers to take full advantage of carbon fiber’s natural ability to flex. With no stem in the way, the Grail bar top flexes slightly when under load on rough trails, saving your tired hands and forearms from the full impact of bumps and hits on the trail.

Over a long day in the saddle, those vibrations can tax and wear down your hands, forearms and body in general. As a system the Grail CF frame and its Grail Bar truly take down the impacts of a rough road or trail, reducing the effect of fatigue on the body over a long race or training day. If you’re looking to have a day to remember rather than rough day, Canyon’s Grail CF may be your ticket to a magic carpet ride in Steamboat Springs!

For more information on the Grail, head over to the Canyon website HERE