Gravel Riding Recommended Equipment

What Bike should I bring?
Aero Bars are not allowed on any course (you will need to use your brakes on our courses). Bar ends on flat bar bikes are acceptable.

No E-Bikes are permitted to participate. There is a time and a place, but this isn’t it!


This is an all inclusive course and can be ridden on all types of bikes (we do recommend a minimum 25c tire for added rider comfort). The course will take you on great packed gravel roads with the potential for some washboard sections.


The Canyon Grail or the Canyon Inflite with 33-38c tires are ideal for this course. Which tire tread option is up to your personal preferences. If pure speed is your priority, the Panaracer GravelKing 38c is a great choice. It will float you through the softer sections of the course adequately, but will excel on the hard pack and the road. If stability, durability and cornering grip are your priority, the GravelKing SK is hard to beat.

Road bike with 28c tires will be able to complete this event but will be at a significant disadvantage on certain sections of the course (i.e. Fly Gulch, Salt Creek, Mystic descent & County Road 29 to name a few). If you decide to take on this adventure with a road bike, be sure to pack a few extra tubes as walking isn’t fun.

Gearing- Low gears are your friend. At some point during the day, you will wish you had 1-2 easier gears. 34-50 chainrings with an 11-32 cassette or 1X equivalents will be great for most participants.