SBT GRVL Race Day Athlete Guide

SBT GRVL is a race for everyone. This means that we want everyone to have the same experience and be treated equally. Whether you are a seasoned Pro or this is your first event, your race day support and resources will be identical. Happy racing!

Race Day
  • Start Times:
    • BLACK COURSE: 6:30 am
    • BLUE COURSE: 6:40 am
    • RED COURSE: 6:50 am
    • GREEN COURSE: 7:00am
  • Each race distance will roll out in a mass start beginning at 10th and Yampa Street. It will be police escorted and neutral for the first 1.6 miles until the right turn onto Elk River Road. Once you turn right, game on!
  • Aid Stations: We have 6 fully stocked Aid Stations with GU Energy, Coke, water, ice and all sorts of great things to get you through your day. Each Aid Station is approximately 25 miles apart (2 locations are used twice). All riders will need to stop to handle their nutrition needs throughout the race.
  • Cutoff Times: SBT BLACK Course- Utilizing a 10 mph average speed, riders who have not made it to the County Road 33B turnoff by 2:30 pm will be re-directed onto the SBT GRVL BLUE Course.
Event Rules & Information
  1. Have Fun! Be Safe! Ride Smart!
  2. Riders must wear an ANSI certified helmet at ALL times.
  3. Follow the rules of the road. The roads are OPEN to vehicle traffic, so treat them as such! You do not want to take your chances mixing it up with a car. These rules include, are not limited to:
    1. Follow the centerline rule. Keep your bike on the APPROPRIATE side of the road. In the United States, that is the RIGHT side of the line. If you are visiting from another country for the race, make sure you are set on that before the gun goes off (and also, welcome!).
    2. We encourage you to ride as far right as safely possible. Most of the paved sections have a shoulder, but if not, stay as close to the right as possible. Again, no one wants to mix it up with a vehicle
    3. On the gravel roads, please stay on your “side of the road”. We realize that there is no line down the center, but use your best judgement. This is especially important when going around blind corners. That car:tractor:cow:competitor is going to expect you to maintain your line on your OWN side of the road.
    4. If you are reported violating road rules, you will be disqualified.
  4. No direct outside support on the course (Friends, Family, Sponsors). Our Aid Stations will be fully stocked and our volunteers ready to assist you. Riders accepting support from a source not available to all riders will be disqualified. (The farmer out there on County Road 44 is totally fine. No milking the cows, though!)
  5. Please see the Course Map for recommended race viewing locations (we know that there will be plenty of people that want to come heckle, er…cheer for you!).
  6. We know that you ride your bike a LOT. That is why you are here, right? Treat this race the same as being out for a ride. Just because it is a “RACE” doesn’t mean that there is a magical safety bubble around you. We mentioned that the roads are OPEN, didn’t we?
    1. Pass with care! Use that helmet-protected brain of yours. Do NOT pass in blind corners, let someone know that you are going to pass them (especially on the paved sections) and pass on the left. This should mean that the cyclist you are passing is staying as far RIGHT as possible.
  7. No headphones, ear buds or texting while riding (this also includes swiping left (or right!), Instagramming or checking that email. We know that the course is gorgeous. If you feel the need to pull out your phone to document that, please pull over to the right side, come to a complete stop and have at it!
  8. No e-bikes. They are AWESOME, but not for the race. Please don’t make us go all UCI and check your bike. Come prepared to use single person power. You’ve got this!
  9. No aero bars! Trust us, you will want access to your brakes with the several significant dirt descents on course.
  10. Lights are not required, but if you think that you will be on course after the sun sets they are highly encouraged. The sun sets around 8:00 pm. Please take a look at the stat time and calculate your estimated finish time. Flashing taillights are always helpful for vehicles who may come upon you during the race. We like being visible to traffic!
  11. Please use the Port-a-Potties at the Aid Stations. Nature happens, but we try to leave the urinating in the ranchlands to the animals for which they are intended. This MOST DEFINITELY applies to the Start Line. We will be in town, near stores and families….and no one wants to see that! Riders that are spotted nature-ing with the animals will be disqualified.
  12. Show your best character. Yes, we get that racing can be intense. But it is ONE day. You do not want to be forever known as “that person”. Be courteous, respectful and generally act like a decent human being. This goes for your actions towards other racers, spectators, volunteers (they are here to help you on their own time!) and vehicles. We get to ride these roads all the time and we would love for our community to keep supporting us!
  13. Riders are expected to be prepared to deal with mechanical issues. Please bring extra tubes, a hand pump and/or CO2, etc. There will be Mavic Neutral Support on the course, but aim to be self sufficient as their proximity to you is unknown.
  14. This race is held in a MOUNTAIN TOWN. That means that our weather has the potential to be 90 degrees and sunny or 32 degrees and blustery. Come prepared for any sort of weather. Windbreaker, rain jacket, ear warmers, 3 pairs of gloves to choose from on race morning. It is okay to over pack your race bag. We won’t judge. You are going to want options. Sunscreen is recommended regardless of the weather. Ever see a goggle tan? Sun happens all the time.
  15. That said, the race is happening. Regardless of the brisk start or sweat-inducing climbs, people are racing their bikes. In the event of a natural disaster or weather that could be potentially dangerous to racers or volunteers (or our beloved spectators), the race will be delayed, shortened, postponed or canceled without refund.
  16. All riders will be taking advantage of our awesome Aid Stations. That means you will have the pleasure of receiving the support of our INCREDIBLE volunteers. Make sure to give them a Thank You or a big smile and a head nod-whatever you can muster at that point!
  17. Your jersey has pockets. Not only do they store your food, but they store your trash. Please make sure to keep our beautiful scenery litter-free. We would be happy to take your trash at the Aid Stations and the Finish Line. If you are seen littering during the event, we are sure we can come up with an appropriate punishment. Steamboat Springs is still known as a cowboy town.
  18. We LOVE spectators! Let’s be honest, these are the people that make it happen. They make the 8 hour drive with you just to watch you suffer for 10 hours and then tell you how awesome you are (don’t get us wrong, we think you are awesome too!). We would love for them to have a copy of the Course Map and see where we recommend setting up your cheering section. We are trying to limit traffic on the course so that we can make it as safe as possible for all participants. Please give them a big hug from us and tell them thank you for making it all worth it!
  19. Stay on the course. This is a race. That means that everyone (in their respective distance category) must follow the same path. It is YOUR responsibility to be in the right place. Study the map, find someone who can show you how to download/upload/reload(?!) the GPX file from RIDE WITH GPS to your bike computer….have some idea of where you are going. The course will be well-marked, but sometimes things happen. Wind, vandals, rogue wildlife….have a back-up plan. If you cut the race short you will be disqualified. We don’t care if the elk misdirected you. Strava doesn’t lie.
  20. Listen to race officials. If a Marshall or race official gives you a specific direction, you must follow it. If they tell you to stop, it is for a good reason! More than likely, your safety. We know that STOP is a very difficult direction to follow during a race, but we are sure you can make up those 15 seconds somewhere else while you are still ALIVE.
  21. We are racing on a variety of county roads/private land. Please treat them with respect. Did we mention that we REALLY like riding around here and want to keep our community happy? You will be held liable for any damage or destruction you cause anywhere on the course. We will not charge you for any blood or skin you may leave out there.
  22. If you find yourself needing to drop from the race, please notify the nearest Aid Station.
  23. We support CLEAN racing. If you are currently under any type of suspension, you are not invited to participate in SBT GRVL events.
  24. SBT GRVL race directors reserve the right to make any last minute course/timing changes as deemed necessary for a safe and successful race day.”

Looking for everything in one place? Click the link below for the downloadable Racer Guide.

2020 Racer Guide Available Summer 2020