Make sure you look around at the starting line at next year’s Mid South and SBT GRVL events. There’s a chance the next Ian Boswell, Amity Rockwell or “everyday” gravel enthusiast will be in the chute with you.

Recognizing the need to support the next generation of cyclists, The Mid South and SBT GRVL are partnering up to get more young riders on gravel. The Mid South will be offering a 50% discount to riders 18 and under, while SBT will be allocating 200 guaranteed spots discounted 50% to the route of their choosing for ages 18 and under. 

“The entire team at Mid South and District Bicycles is dedicated to as much inclusion and change in the humans coming to the start line of our event,” said Bobby Wintle. “With the 50% discount on reg fees for everyone 18 and under we are more excited than ever to encourage young riders to be here in March.”

“This initiative isn’t just aimed at elite juniors,” said Amy Charity, owners of SBT GRVL. “We want to welcome and raise up the next generation of back-of-the-packers, the kids who simply want to have a good time out on a bike and see where two wheels can take them. This is about fun and experiencing gravel. ”

SBT GRVL Registration Details: Riders Must Register December 5th-8th

  • Entires are first-come, first-served
  • Use this link: https://www.bikereg.com/sbtgrvl
  • The code SBT2022juniors allows you to bypass the front page
  • If an adult or chaperone will accompany, they must register at the same time – please confirm both registration boxes are checked for both the Junior and the Adult/Chaperone before moving to the next page in order to complete the checkout for both individuals.
    • Junior riders will select the route of their choice from the Junior Category (50% discount is already reflected in the junior price)
    • Chaperones will elect distance in regular category (not labeled Junior), which is not discounted 
  • Scroll to bottom and click blue ‘Register’ button
  • Fill out details for Chaperone (if applicable)
  • Fill out details for Junior (add name of Chaperone)
  • Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button
  • Complete transaction

For questions or any additional information email info@sbtgrvl.com.