(From- Bicycle Retailer and Industry News)
Published December 12, 2018

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (Dec. 11, 2018) – SBT GRVL, Colorado’s first large-scale gravel event, sold out for its inaugural year within seven days of registration opening. The cycling community has been buzzing about the new two-day event, which boasts three courses of beautiful, high-altitude gravel roads winding through Steamboat Springs, Colo., since the launch announcement in October, 2018.

While U.S. road racing appears to be showing declines in sponsorship and participation in recent seasons, gravel continues to gain major momentum. Gravel events embody adventure and community, and continue to gain popularity among elite and amateur cyclists alike.

SBT GRVL’s super successful launch provides further proof. Riders from 47 states will be heading to Steamboat Springs in August 2019 for the inaugural event, which will be a celebration of gravel cycling including an expo, a post-ride party, great local food and beer and much more for participants, as well as non-racing friends and family.

With three course distances ranging from 37 miles to 141 miles, SBT GRVL welcomes riders of all levels, including top competitors in gravel cycling. Joining for the inaugural event for male racers are Ted King, Colin Strickland, Phil Gaimon, Jamey Driscoll, Payson McElveen, Yuri Hauswald, Neil Shirley and Jake Wells. Joining for female racers, SBT GRVL welcomes Lauren De Crescenzo, Kaysee Armstrong, Karen Jarchow, Alison Powers, Kae Takeshita, Laura King, Rose Grant and Amity Gregg.

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