Last year, the field was 1,500 strong, split between three routes of varying distances. The 2020 race hopes to feature 2,000 riders across four routes.

The big bad black route was a doozy at 144 miles, with the blue race being just over a century, at 103 miles, and the green offering a shorter 37-mile scenic route. The new red route will be 64 miles long, a sort of “sweet spot” between the century and the short course.

“Even at the expo the day before the race, I’d say it was the No. 1 question or request that I got over the weekend, was ‘Can we have a route between the green and the blue?’” SBT GRVL partner Amy Charity said. “We think it might be our most popular distance, kind of that metric century distance.”

Also coming in 2020 are double- and single-track sections along the black and blue courses, which Charity thinks will add a new dynamic to the race.