Leah Vann

SBT GRVL, a new cycling race set to come to Steamboat Springs in August 2019, sold out in six days. Race director Mark Satkiewicz said there will be ways for more Steamboat Springs locals, women and kids to sign up soon. (Courtesy photo)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — SBT GRVL, a new cycling race coming to Steamboat Springs on Aug. 18, 2019, sold out in six days.

The race, which offers three gravel routes through Routt County, attracted over 1,000 entries, but race director Mark Satkiewicz said he plans to implement initiatives that would allow other people to potentially race.

“We have 47 of the 50 states represented, which is incredible, and I think that’s a huge, huge thing for Steamboat,” Satkiewicz said. “I think that’s going to be the big story of this event. Everybody seemed very interested in doing this type of race. They’re extremely excited about Steamboat and Routt County, and we’re really excited to host them.”


Routt County participants are encouraged to contact info@sbtgrvl.com during the month of December to secure a spot in the SBT GRVL race.

Having a national presence is important for SBT GRVL because it helps promote Steamboat as a summer destination.

Of the 47 states represented in the race, Colorado has the largest presence with over 500 participants signed up so far. Of those, 68 are from Steamboat Springs. California has the second-most representation with 71 people while Utah is third with 44.

States with more than 25 racers signed up include Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

Satkiewicz said the only states not represented are Rhode Island, Mississippi and Louisiana, but he hopes that will change with time.

Satkiewicz believes Routt County residents didn’t anticipate the race to sell out so quickly, so anyone who still wants to participate will need to contact him at info@sbtgrvl.com during the month of December to secure a spot.

But SBT GRVL is also looking for a more diversified group. As of right now, only 20 percent of the participants are women, and the race is open to kids.

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