Words by Yuri Hauswald, Images by David Oh

There are a few cardinal rules of bike racing that you try to never break in the lead-up to a race: Never mess with your nutrition or try something new on race day and, if at all possible, never race a bike without test riding it. Well, at Colorado’s SBT GRVL, I adhered to the first rule, but not the second.


Niner’s 2020 RLT 9 RDO is a really sweet bike; I know, because I’ve logged a few thousand miles on last year’s model, in everything from chunky/sharp gravel in the Flint Hills of Kansas to the relatively buffed-out dirt roads of Steamboat Springs. And I couldn’t be happier. If you have to race a bike right out of the box, which is exactly what I did at SBT GRVL, fingers crossed, it’s Niner’s 2020 RLT 9 RDO.

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