Announcing SBT LIVE: The Revolutions Will Be Televised

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with new Official Technology Partner and Presenting Broadcast Sponsor Wahoo Fitness, along with MTN TV, to bring this year’s SBT GRVL race to your big (or small) screen. While there’s no substitute for that fresh Rocky Mountain air, you’ll be able to share the excitement of a live gravel event with fans and loved ones, without convincing them that spending 6 hours on the side of a dusty road is a good idea. Ship ‘em a cowbell for their living room, we’ll handle the digital feed. 

SBT GRVL LIVE will be produced and broadcasted by MTN TV and air on multiple streaming platforms; MTN TV via cable providers in Colorado, MTN’s Roku app and online right here.  Saturday coverage will include athlete interviews, equipment spotlights and more from the Expo. Sunday will bring a live two-hour broadcast with analysis and live on-course coverage of the race’s final miles and culminate  with the finishes of the 142-mile Black Course women’s and men’s races.  

The live race coverage will be announced by Matt Lieto, who has extensive gravel racing experience (including a top 10 finish at inaugural SBT GRVL) in addition to a decade of commentating on international and world championship endurance events. Gravel Cyclist, aka JOM or otherwise known as Jayson O’Mahoney, will add reporting and interviews with noted personalities and brands. 

Why LIVE? In just a few short years SBT GRVL has blossomed into something truly special and we feel there’s significant interest in bringing live race coverage to friends, family and fans who aren’t able to attend the event in person. We have the perfect partner in Wahoo Fitness who share our vision of  bringing this unprecedented live coverage to gravel racing.

Stay tuned to SBT GRVL via Instagram and Facebook for the latest on the broadcast or subscribe to our email list by scrolling to the bottom of our home page. Contact info@sbtgrvl for more information.

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