SBT GRVL held its inaugural event this year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and took the gravel scene by storm. Seemingly out of nowhere, the vision borne out of three cyclists materialized into a fantastically sought-after event that sold out in just six days.

The gravel race offered equal—and sizable—prize purses for men and women: the first place male and female racer were each awarded $5K. It saw impressively high female participation—attracting women like Tiffany Cromwell, a World Tour racer for Canyon-SRAM. While the numbers point to the trend that more women are racing gravel, I was curious to learn what else SBT did to drive female signups.

To find out, I asked pro cyclist, author, and co-founder of SBT GRVL Amy Charity if she’d be willing to sit down for an interview. To my excitement, she agreed. Here’s what Amy had to say about this year’s event and SBT’s vision for creating an exceptional gravel experience for both men and women.