We, too, are closely monitoring the wildfires and air quality throughout the Yampa Valley.  As always our concern is keeping riders, volunteers, and staff as safe as possible.  The air quality here changes quickly and we are hoping there will be little to no impact to SBT GRVL.  However, if changes need to be made we have a communication plan in place to keep everyone safe and informed.



 The vaccine rollout has gone well and most everyone that wants to be vaccinated before our event will be.  We realize that there are a variety of reasons that some will not have had the vaccine and that is okay too.  Please be aware that having received the vaccine is not a free pass to hug and kiss people you don’t know!  Please respect each person’s need for space which might be different from yours.  Please note that local businesses have the right to ask customers to mask up for any reason, so please take care of our local business owners and respect their individual policies!  Bring a mask with you to Steamboat—you will probably end up using it somewhere.

Friday and Saturday Shake-out Rides

These are fun, non competitive rides hosted by sponsors that are optional for all.  These will be much smaller rides than Sunday’s race and most of the logistics and routes will be organized by specific SBT GRVL sponsors—please respect their policies if they are different from the rules for the big ride on Sunday.

Friday Night VIP Party

Our VIP party (consisting of sponsors, pro riders and media) will be hosted at The Grand, a restaurant owned by Steamboat Ski Corporation, located near the base of the ski area.  All food service and restaurant public health rules will be enforced.

Expo and Packet Pickup

At this time, we do not anticipate asking people to mask up at this outdoor event.  While there will be lots of people in the street, our understanding of CDC guidelines is that contracting the virus in the open air is extremely unlikely and if everyone continues to respect each other’s space we will be in good shape.  We will have hand washing stations at the restrooms and plenty of hand sanitizer for all!  We have another block of space this year, so we should have plenty of space to spread out.

Start Line/Staging

With 3,000 riders starting on Sunday morning, we will make a few small changes to accommodate more spacing at the start line.  We have put 30 minute gaps between the black course start, the blue course start, and the red course start.  The green course riders start 15 minutes after the red course riders.  There will be staging areas set up for each of these groups and you will be asked to start in a holding area that represents your anticipated speed through the course.

While all course waves will start at the same time, we may not bring everyone to the line until just a few minutes to the start.  If you are riding a shorter course, we are asking that you not show up more than 30 minutes before your start time.  You are welcome to warm up on adjacent roads and paths, but please respect each start wave and wait until the previous wave is out before lining up or rushing the start line. 

We have plenty of room behind the start line for everyone to cruise around before their start! We will not be asking riders to wear masks in this outdoor event, although if you would like to wear a mask that is perfectly appropriate.

On-Course Aid Stations and Support

Aid stations will utilize volunteers and we will keep food and drink as individualized as possible so riders don’t touch each other’s food.  We realize it can get crazy in these feed zones as everyone must utilize the neutral support, but please take an extra 10 seconds and respect your fellow riders’ space in these areas.  Surfaces will be cleaned regularly. We will be working with public health to direct best practices handling food and drink at each aid station.  Portable restrooms will be regularly cleaned and have hand sanitizer.

Remember—private support people/vehicles are NOT allowed on course—you must either carry all of your food or water or utilize the same support that all riders have access to.

Finish Line, Awards, and After Party

Due to staggered start times and different paces on the course, riders will be crossing the finish line in small groups starting in late morning and continuing throughout the day until dusk.  Food and drink will be available at the finish line and we will provide finisher meals served under current public health restaurant regulations.

We will have plenty of tent shade at the finish line and there will be high tops and tables and chairs to chill and enjoy a celebratory beverage.  We do not anticipate asking riders or spectators to wear masks in this outdoor area.