Gravel Training



It’s a common misconception that power meters are only for go-fast, crit racing types. But the truth is, riding with a power meter is perhaps even more relevant for gravel. Here are three ways a power meter can enhance your SBT GRVL experience!


TRAINING. This one is probably obvious, but there’s no better way to improve your fitness than focused and specific training with accurate, reliable power data. World Class racers know this, and for those of us with families and day jobs, training with power helps make the most of limited riding time. You’ll need to start at least 10 weeks before the event for best results, and SBT is partnered with CTS for specific, accessible training programs for you to get started with.


RIDING SMART. Slow and steady wins the race…especially when it’s a long race. We’ve all gone out too hard on the first climb only to pay for it later and crawl across the finish with nothing left. While short events like criteriums and cyclocross races leave little room for pacing, a long event like SBT GRVL will require restraint to ensure you have something left for the last few hours. Think you ‘know’ how hard you’re going? You probably don’t. Even the pro’s rely on the instant, honest data of a power meter to keep from popping on long races. By letting that enthusiastic group go early in the ride and staying below the red (and knowing exactly where that is) you’ll finish stronger and have a better ride overall.


FILL THE TANK. Big days require careful attention to fuel. Hydration is easy…you’ll want to drink as much as you can given the effort and altitude, but it’s a little more tricky to gauge how much to eat and when. Too little and you’ll bonk, too much and you’ll feel nauseous. How do you strike the right balance on a big day? Use a power meter. Your power data measured in watts can be translated into kilojoules and displayed on your cycling computer in real-time, and that info can guide how much you need to eat and when. Our friends at GU Energy have some great advice on fueling and you can find it here GU Fueling Advice

Whether you are a newbie to the gravel scene or a seasoned veteran, having a coach can be beneficial in many ways.

For information on how to perform the CTS Cycling Field Test and an interactive way to determine your training values, check that out HERE

To utilize those values and learn more about some of the Key CTS Cycling Workouts, check that out HERE

CTS has created some awesome 10 week training guides for SBT GRVL racers. See below for course specific plans.  Happy training!

*The TrainRight Membership is a comprehensive training app designed by the coaching experts at CTS to deliver science-based training plans, structured workouts, Premium TrainingPeaks account, coach advice, and more to help you achieve your cycling goals. Check out how to do that HERE!