While Gravel Worlds was celebrating Year 10 on Saturday, there was a new kid on the gravel block a little farther north at the inaugural SBT GRVL p/b Canyon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.The first-year race was an effort put together by Mark Satkiewicz, Amy Charity and Ken Benesh, and it made a big splash on the gravel landscape with a sold-out field of over 1,000 riders and talented fields thanks in part to the $28,000 in payouts split equally between the women and men. The race also launched a #SBTPARITY initiative to eventually get registrations up to 50/50 between women and men. [For more on women’s participation in gravel, see Victoria Rainbolt’s analysis of women’s participation in gravel.]

SBT GRVL offered three distances in its first go-round. The Black route was 141 miles long, the Blue route 99 miles and the Green 37 miles. All of the routes were a majority gravel west of Steamboat Springs, with the Black and Blue routes featuring more than 70% unpaved roads.