Bike racing is an incredible thing. It brings together a community of people that share a passion for getting outside on two-wheels and exploring nature. We love the gravel family and are so excited to be able to interlace it with our incredible Steamboat Springs community! Below are a few things that we feel strongly about when it comes to community and the gorgeous lands that make it all possible. Click on the title for more information on each.
We are thrilled to work with some awesome local organizations who are doing great things in our community!
Equality is an important thing, both on and off of the bike. We are continuously working towards making SBT GRVL an event that is welcoming-no matter your experience-in a hopes of seeing more women and kids (really, more everyone) on bikes!
Steamboat Springs is a phenomenal place. Open expanses, ranchlands, mountains, natural hot springs, the Yampa River…we want to do our best to help keep it clean and beautiful!