“Perhaps one of the most memorable facets of the inaugural SBT GRVL race, which launched with three course distances that wove through the beautiful rural gravel roads in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is the fact that the event drew 400 female riders. That’s just under 30-percent of the 1,500 riders who signed up to ride.” – VerdePR.com

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That’s a strong showing of female gravel riders for a first-year event. And all 400 of them showed up ready to ride at 6:30 a.m., sharp, 1,500 riders left Steamboat’s Yampa Street ready to take on the Black Course (141-miles, 100 of which were gravel, with 9,000-feet of climbing), Blue Course (100- miles, over 70 miles of gravel, with 6,000-feet of climbing) and Green Course (37-miles, with 20 miles of gravel, and 2,000-feet of climbing).